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Towns and villages

Alpenchalet am Wildkogel is located in the middle of the countryside. However, historic towns and pretty villages are situated all around it.

Mittersill: does not appear to be very large, but the village boasts a wide range of shops, and lots of eateries and cafés with terraces.

Zell am See: is the main centre of Salzburg’s Pinzgau Valley, and lies on the shores of the lake to which it owes its name. This small town has a pedestrian zone with lots of shops, and a beautiful lakeside promenade. The lake makes a perfect place for fishing, sailing, windsurfing and water skiing, although the water coming from the neighbouring glaciers can be rather cold. You can also explore the lake by walking or cycling around it.

Kitzbühel: The mondane Kitzbühel is famous for its’ luxury, celeberties, and glamour. Throughout the year you can go (window) shopping and the picturesque town center with several attractions is worth a visit.

Innsbruck: Hidden behind the snow-covered mountains lies the city of Innsbruck. A small city with paved streets and picturesque architecture it is one of the most enchanting places in Austria. There is plenty to see and do in every season. Curious travelers will discover not only Olympic sports and the spectacular landscape, but also a number of very interesting sights.

Salzburg: is like a fairyland of domes and towers framed by its green mountains. The beauty of this city, which is inextricably associated with Mozart, makes Salzburg the second most popular place to visit after Vienna, and it is well worth a visit! Please note that the access to the city centre by car is limited, and denied after 11 am.